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Annually we lose about 250 million phones worldwide .

An individual hologram of losteQ connects a person who found something with a person who lost this thing. Recover your loss immediately.

Why losteQ?

  • codirect contact to the owner of the item

  • it is modest and aesthetic

  • it is strong and resistant to abrasion

  • without registration and without application

  • without application and registration

  • without reading devices

How LosteQ works?

  • It is a hologram with saved and hidden owner's stuff data (mail, phone number)

  • Moving device we can see data in hologram

  • We're not brokering and storing lost and found. We are starting from premise, that is not necessary because we care about the fastest contact finder with owner.

Who we are?

We are a group of people, who have ever lost something and want to help themselves and other in the future.

Our mission

By simple solution, build ecosystem human deeds. Someone lost something and found.


If you got the stuff back through us, write us about it and win a prize: foundit@losteq.comor just write to us: